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Ideas For Miniature Garden Designs

September 15, 2016No Comments

There is a new trend that a lot of people are falling in love with, including miniature gardens that are being build up in small containers and more. Fairy gardens are a fun and exciting way to enjoy small scale garden landscapes and you can use them to bring about charming beauty and a lovely atmosphere in some of the natural settings around your home. These mini gardens and fairy gardens are basically the art of capturing intricate details that will help you to create places that are peaceful and pleasant.

Filled with flowers, plants, decorative accessories and other accents, a fairy garden can make a wonderful and attractive display. You can have a fairy garden growing in a flower box or large flower pot, a small space that is set apart from the rest of your yard or a raised garden bed. With this video tutorial, you will be able to learn all about the steps that are necessary to build a fairy garden by simply using a terra cotta pot. Within the tutorial, you will not only learn how to prepare the soil, but you will also see how you can paint the pot, making it more attractive for displaying and arranging your plants.

Intricate miniature garden designs are able to help you showcase your gardening talents in different ways. The ideas that you can come up with for miniature gardens will be virtually endless and you can use just about any small or large container for planting and decorating with your design theme.

Planning your miniature garden design means that you need to keep all of the lovely details in scale. Miniature fairy gardens are used for viewing from all angels or with one angle that has lower and taller plants that are strategically placed. The best containers for these mini landscapes will have a large open surface that will help to house as many garden decorations and plants as possible. Some of the options that are popular include terra cotta pots with wide openings, tin buckets, wagons, wheelbarrows, wicker baskets, wooden boxes, concrete bowls and more.

Fairy gardens do not have to stop with the plants that you select. A lot of the fun is looking for decorations that you can place that will help to spark imagination. Some people like to have fairy gardens with miniature fencing, fine gravel, small accessories and more.

When putting your miniature garden together, you need to have a layer of pea gravel along with several holes for the right amount of drainage at the bottom. This will allow your plants to grow happy and lush along with all of the toys, mini furnishings and other items that you select for decorating.