Upscale Your Property With A Bespoke Pool

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Upscale Your Property With A Bespoke Pool

January 24, 2017No Comments

Its quite a common site today to see backyards with wonderfully designed custom spec pools that match the complete grandeur of the adjoining home. Not only do bespoke pools now reside in the outdoors of magnificent homes but the kitchens have now moved outdoors too! What do you need a kitchen for outdoors? Well for entertaining during pool parties and for enjoying the good weather when the sun is up.

Obviously these features are only seen in luxury homes where quite often you will find well-groomed lawns and tennis courts and some of the more extreme examples even include putting greens for golfing aficionados and water parks for adventure loving kids. People will stop at no end these days to keep their kids amused and offer them every possible entertainment feature available. Well if you have the budget, be my guest.

For the mere mortals among us you can still build a pool and a Jacuzzi for under $15000. See for some much needed inspiration. A waterfall may also fit into your budget. The upshot is your property will also be worth more if you plan to sell.

Have A Larger Budget?

For those of you with a larger budget you can build your own extreme waterpark right in your backyard. Turn your pool into a fun-packed oasis replete with waterslides, splash zones and a lazy river. Never queue for hours awaiting a go on the slide again. Make sure you get yours designed by a qualified engineer so it falls into legal requirements per building and safety codes and regulations, or unless you may have to rip it all up. And when you are booking a company if they are out of state or straddling on the border of an adjoining state make sure they know all the electrical, gas, water and building regulations for your state as they vary from state to state.

Waterpark elements are now becoming part and parcel of backyard pools for those with the budget. They are powered by an extremely powerful water pump that produces a current that allows kids usually to float about and propel around the pool on rafts or ride on floats. This would be great for the Giant Derby Ride on Duck from Game. Basically a huge yellow rubber duck big enough for 3 kids or 2 adults to ride on. Fun for hours.

Go Tropical

Add a touch of the tropics to your pool by incorporating waterfalls and grottos sneakily hidden inside natural rock built into your pool. You can even theme it to a particular movie like Pirates of The Caribbean, but I think with pools less is definitely more when it comes to themes, things like this get old very soon. A pool is no longer a basic shape, but a full blown vacation experience.