My Wedding Didn’t Get Ruined By Gatecrashers!

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My Wedding Didn’t Get Ruined By Gatecrashers!

October 12, 2017No Comments

Unquestionably, weddings are an incredible time to have fun with friends and family. Nevertheless, uninvited guests plague some weddings without anyone noticing. Having uninvited guests can surely ruin your big day. Sadly, wedding crashers are inevitable part of weddings. The good thing is that you can deal with gatecrashers by employing some strategies.

Do I need to hire security guards at my wedding?
Yes, you need security guards at your wedding. In addition to hiring them to prevent damage to property or violence, here are some of the reasons you should have security at your wedding:
* Prevents threats or stalking by a jealous colleague, friend, or ex-partner. Such people could ruin your wedding day celebrations.
* Security is important as it prevents feuding parties from causing any harm due to excess alcohol
* It prevents gatecrashers
* Its handy for your overall peace of mind
Wedding security companies such as this wedding security firm provide high visibility or discreet security services including (but not limited to):
* Undercover guests that blend in unobstrusively
* Smartly uniformed security guards that meet, greet and check your guest list or invites
Wedding security guards control access to your reception and ceremony venue thus preventing any unwanted attention or guests. They patrol the car grounds and park for total site security thus ensuring your guests vehicles are indeed safe.
Security guards at a wedding keep a watchful eye over wedding gifts. That goes miles in protecting your gifts from sticky fingered staff and opportunist thieves.

How I prevented gatecrashers from ruining my wedding
Here are some of the things I did at my wedding to prevent crashers from ruining my big day:
I was specific on the guest number
I was specific on the number of guests that I wanted in my wedding. If youre comfortable and can afford it, send RSVP cards within the invite itself. You should print the cards with a space for the number of guests you anticipate. Additionally, the card must have your stamp and return address on it.
I asked guests to carry an invitation card
To avoid gatecrashing in my wedding, I asked guests to bring with them the invitation card I sent them. To ensure genuine guests that may have forgotten their invites, – arent stopped at the gate, I stationed some relatives at the gate with a guest list of the expected people.
I made sure all guests were hand stamped
Immediately my guests were verified, I requested my handlers to use a rubber stamp to leave colored imprints on hands. Doing that goes miles in helping your caterer to confirm plates and guests for the catering bill.
I talked to guests
The groom and bride attract the most attention at any wedding. The other obvious thing is that the two of them will be too busy enjoying their day. However, from my experience, its prudent to take your time to interact with guests even if its just for a few minutes. Doing that helped me catch wedding crashers effortlessly. If you can manage, have bouncers at the entrance. Ask them for assistance in weeding out any suspicious guests.